Sash Windows Liverpool

We are a Liverpool based specialist timber sash window company, manufacturing and installing the highest quality vertical sliding sash or box sash windows. With narrow sight lines, indicate profiles, period styling and featuring modern drought/weather sealing techniques with top performing double glazing as standard. Our sash windows are always made to order to ensure that all of our customers thermal, acoustic, aesthetic and regulatory requirements are satisfied. We can tailor our manufacturing process to the needs of individual projects ensuring that our sash windows are suitable for any level of listed building status with a wide variety of glazing solutions from modern slim double glazed units, to traditional leaded lights.

With prices starting from £350+vat we produce both modern vertical sliding sash windows, using the spiral balance method of operation, and traditional box sash windows using cords and weights in any design replicating exactly from site visits or architectural drawings. Our windows are tailored to the requirements of any period project with an extensive range of glazing, timber and finish options, using the highest quality hardware resulting in a product with a finish and performance that combines traditional aesthetics of sash windows with the efficiency of modern fenestration products. Whereas historically sash windows have been noted for poor thermal efficiency our windows benefit from innovative use of draught strips which eliminate any rattling and, in use with modern high insulating double glazed units minimise heat loss, draughts, condensation and exterior noise. We use only the finest grades of timber from standard, vacuum treated redwood pine with hardwood cils to hardwoods including European Oak and contemporary timbers such as engineered timber and ‘accoya’ with an impressive 50year guarantee against rot we offer a fully comprehensive sash window repair service from the modernisation of sash windows, installing new weights, cords and window furniture to replacement of sashes with modern double glazing, draught/weather sealing and new timber beads. The benefits of this system are that minimal disturbance is made to the existing interior of a property whilst the thermal, acoustic and security of the windows will be greatly improved with the original features of a building preserved. We also offer a fitting service, throughout Merseyside, Lancashire, Yorkshire and North Wales which is undertaken by our time served, highly motivated team who have decades of experience and will work efficiently to the highest standards so that our customers enjoy our sash windows for many years to come. Here are some examples of the most popular options, however many other options are available on request.

Sash balances/weights and cords

Sash windows can be manufactured or converted to the sash balance mechanism easily and efficiently using our extensive range of balances and fixing brackets. Standard spiral balances (up to 40 lbs) offer adjustable tension, ‘ultralift’ balances (up to 60 lbs) are pre-tensioned, with bespoke balances available for sashes weighing over 60 lbs. we offer lead and, more economically, steel weight systems (reclaimed cast iron weights also often being available) in a wide range of sections, sizes and price points to ensure any style of sash window can be operated using this system.

Sash Furniture

We offer a fully comprehensive range of the highest quality modern and traditional window furniture, available in a variety of finishes to ensure that all styles and budgets are satisfied, whilst meeting the highest criteria of external tests for operability. Supplying historic designs such as Fitch fasteners and Brighton fasteners in both locking and non-locking options, these are classic catches that allow the window to be closed securely whilst applying pressure to the meeting rail seal providing excellent weather sealing. For added security a modern locking keep and fastener helps pull, lift and align the meeting rail together perfectly compacting the seals with no effort required also having a night-vent option. We have option for sash stops which allow the window to be opened for ventilation, but restrict further opening providing added safety to the people in the building and preventing intruders lifting an unlocked sash to gain access. These are fitted at 15mm opening as standard ( complying with UK Building Regulations part F for trickle ventilation), or can be fitted to 100mm opening to operate for safety restriction whilst allowing additional ventilation. This furniture along with all sash lifts, ‘D’ handles, sash eyes, pulley wheels and any other hardware is available in finishes such as polished brass/chrome, satin chrome/nickel, antique brass/pewter or black with samples available upon request.


We provide a comprehensive range of traditional or contemporary glazing and glass options which can be customised for specific applications. Below is a list of some of the more popular options, please enquire if you have any specialist requirements such as integrated blinds, sandblasted or coloured glass to any specific design.

  • Toughened safety glass, increased strength and safety as required by regulations in many circumstances.
  • Laminated security glass, laminate provides added security over toughened glass.
  • Acoustic glass, increases levels of sound insulation using specialist laminates and thicker glass, available in a range of efficiencies.
  • Solar control glass, allows the heat gain from the sun to be matched by the requirements of a building.
  • Lead, we offer a wide range of leading widths, colours and styles with options available for the use of traditional lead came.
  • Stained glass, we can provide coloured and/or textured glass to your requirements, heritage style clear glass is also available.
  • Slim double glazing, the ultra thin double glazed units are used in shallow rebates, with thin sections or where traditional glazing bars are required. These units can offer all the thermal, acoustic and security benefits of modern units but with a 5mm perimeter seal which enables them to be glazed into 7mm rebates ensuring no alterations to the historical design are needed.


Our timber windows are manufactured from vacuum treated redwood pine with hardwood cils as standard, we also have a range of hardwoods and ‘Accoya’ modified timber to choose from. We offer engineered timber also, which is free from knots and imperfections, this timber can be produced at almost any length which helps reduce wastage. The reduced moisture uptake and increased stability of engineered timbers produces a substrate which enhances a coatings lifespan (this is key to the long life of a window or door because if the coating remains intact the window or door will last indefinitely). Removing knots, alongside the aesthetic effect, also prevents unwanted resin which will damage the coating. We offer a variety of solid hardwood options which have been used for hundreds of years to produce premium quality windows offering high levels of durability and stability with a beautiful, natural aesthetic such as European Oak. ‘Accoya’ is an exeptionally stable modified timber and has the highest durability rating of any timber. It is manufactured from fast growing softwoods that are treated to provide unrivalled durability and dimensional stability, allowed for reduced maintenance and environmental impact.